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Walkthrough Guide

1. Install the extension and activate it

2. Configure the extension

3. Open the extension and click on start to start the timer/counter for all viewers

4. Button will get enabled and viewers will be able to click the button to reset the timer or increment the counter

5. Button will get disabled once the timer ends or when the counter limit is reached

config page can be used to change the mode and adjust the timer length/number of clicks/counter limit

settings will apply only when you click the reset button in the extension's streamer controls

logged out/unlinked viewers will not be able to click the button by default

customization config allows you to change the appearance of the extension and the changes will apply when you save

Change Log

  • 0.3.0
    • Updated UI
    • Removed Bits settings
    • Fixed extension not working because of backend URL change :)
  • 0.2.0
    • Added new counter mode
    • Added an option to allow viewers to click the button multiple times
    • Added an option to allow logged out/unlinked viewers to click the button
    • Added button stats and user stats in the bottom right corner of the extension


Small issue with timer mode: you need to keep the extension open as a streamer so that it can detect when the timer runs out and disable the button.