The command to put before a suggestion.
Example: !suggest my summer car

Viewers will be able to vote for multiple options at once.
Example: 1 2 3

Viewers will be able to change the option they selected by voting again. They can change their vote only once.

Viewers that are not subscribed to your channel will not be able to vote or make suggestions.

Shows your Twitch chat on the right side

Shows a warning before leaving/refreshing the site so that you don't accidentally lose your poll results.

Use with caution; viewers might link images that break Twitch's TOS.
Confetti triggers when the timer runs out or when you pick a random option.
Refresh 3rd party emotes
Loaded emotes (global/channel): BTTV: 0/0 | FFZ: 0/0 | 7TV: 0/0
restoreRestore default settings
Resets all settings and reloads the page.
Export Data
Other stuff by me :)
Like normal but you vote by visiting the site instead of typing in chat.
Mini games with chat interaction.
A site that lets viewers control your VTube Studio model using chat commands/channel points/bits/subs
Fun/utility Twitch chat bot.
Twitch moderation bot that bans weebs.

Contact info:

Site by badoge :)
If you find any issues or if you have suggestions or questions, you can contact me:
in this chat
or on discord
or by email

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