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Viewers vote by using a command with the number of the option ("!vote 1", "!vote 2") Command can be customized in Advnaced Settings.

Viewers vote by typing the number of the option ("1", "2")

Viewers vote by typing the option ("option1", "option2").

Viewers that are not subscribed to your channel will NOT be able to vote.
Bot info

The bot only works if you are signed in with Twitch, Log out and sign in using Twitch to enable the bot.

push_pinAdd a shortcut for your most used settings

Use at your own risk, viewers might link images that break twitch's TOS.

Shows a warning before leaving/refreshing the site so that you don't accidentally lose your poll results.

By default each viewer can make 1 suggestion only.
Total suggestion limit:
Viewer suggestions will be ignored after the limit is reached. Poll options entered manually are not counted.
Confetti triggers when the timer runs out or when you pick a random option.
restoreRestore default settings
Resets all settings and signs you out.
The command to use when voting for an option.
Example: !vote 1
The command to put before a suggestion.
Example: !suggest my summer car
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Site by badoge :)
If you find any issues or if you have suggestions or questions, you can contact me:
in this chat
or on discord
or on reddit

Other stuff by me:

Twitch fun/utility chat bot.
Twitch moderation bot that timesout weebs.
chatvote watch parties
A site that lets you watch YouTube videos with your viewers.

This site uses:

The command to use to enter the raffle.

Winner will still be eligible to randomly win again.

[work in progress; not very reliable] Plays a fancy animation when drawing the winner.

You need to sign in using Twitch to use this feature.

Viewers that are not subscribed to your channel will NOT be able to join the raffle.
All viewers get 1 ticket by joining the raffle, subscribers can get extra tickets if you want :)
Open Raffle
celebration Draw A Winner refreshRestart raffle

Type !join in chat to join

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