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    settings Raffle Settings
    The command to use to enter the raffle.

    Removes the winner from the raffle and prevents them from joining again. If this is off then a viewer can win multiple times
    Who can join

    Everyone will be able to join the raffle.
    Entrants will get 1 ticket

    Allowed to join? Role Bonus Tickets
    Non subscriber
    First time chatter

    Adds separate roles for each tier so that you can give each role a different amount of bonus tickets or only allow some of them to join
    Bot settings

    Posts a message in chat to notify the winner
    You need to sign in using Twitch to use this feature

    Notifies each viewer that joins the raffle in chat to confirm that they joined.
    Make sure to mod the bot (@chatvote) so that it does not get timed out by other bots for spamming :)

    You need to sign in using Twitch to use this feature

    Plays a CS:GO style case unboxing animation when drawing the winner using placeholder donk avatars that use the chatters' chat color

    Replaces the placeholder avatars with the viewers' Twitch avatars

    Use with caution; Some viewers might have avatars that break Twitch's TOS.
    Redraw if winner does not respond within minutes
    Will automatically draw another winner if the current winner does not type anything in chat.

    A separate timer that you control manually.

    Use with caution; viewers might link images that break Twitch's TOS

    Shows a warning before leaving/refreshing the site so that you don't accidentally lose your raffle results.
    Refresh 3rd party emotes
    Loaded emotes (global/channel): BTTV: 0/0 | FFZ: 0/0 | 7TV: 0/0
    restoreRestore default settings
    Resets all settings and reloads the page