How long viewers have to wait before using another chat command

Hides the pre-installed models that come with VTS and only shows your models

Makes a backup of all your commands/rewards/alerts
Restores your commands/rewards/alerts from a backup
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Site by badoge :)
If you find any issues or if you have suggestions or questions, you can contact me:
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This site uses:
Other stuff by me :)
Polls that you vote on by typing in Twitch chat.
Like normal but you vote by visiting the site instead of typing in chat.
Mini games with chat interaction.
Fun/utility Twitch chat bot.

What is this?
  • This is a VTube Studio plugin that allows your Twitch viewers to trigger hotkeys using chat commands/channel points/subs/gifts/bits. Basic YouTube support is available also

How to use:

  • Sign in with Twitch/YouTube top right
  • Enable "Start API (allow plugins)" in VTS settings
  • Click on "Connect VTube Studio" top right -> "Connect"
  • You should get a prompt in VTS to allow the site to connect to VTS
  • Click on Create New Chat Command/Reward to make commands/rewards that trigger a VTS hotkey
  • :)
  • The site needs to be open during your stream so that it can listen to commands/rewards and execute them.
More info and hotkey examples can be found on the help_outline help page.

Chat commands:

    Channel points rewards:

      Subscription alerts:

        Gifted Sub alerts:

          Bits alerts:


              nothing here :)